Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This site welcomes contributions on waste issues such as:-

* Interpretations of waste law particularly those derived from EU legislation
* We welcome examples of the law of unintended consequences, plain stupidity and simple arrogance in connection with the EA and DEFRA decision taking
* We believe that a national platform is necessary to share our experiences at the hands of the EA and DEFRA.
* Despite the best efforts of our trade associations, as IPPC and the Waste Incineration Directive are interpreted, injustice and illogicality will flourish.

Although it hardly needs saying, no contributions which involve personal abuse, racism or party politics will be tolerated. Our war is against the bureaucracy and stupidity which threaten waste disposal and recycling in the UK. Examples of good and bad practice in the rest of the EU are also welcome.

For starters I and to show how extra ordinary the EA thinking can get I recall being at a CIWM meeting in London about a month back when a dear lady from the EA was trying to help us understand what waste was.....'intention to discard' .... all that stuff. As an example of how generous the EA was in its thinking she mentioned that when Starbucks offer you the coffee grounds to take home-(apparently they do - good for you potted plants)- they are technically creating an offence by not treating it as waste. Consignments notes might be require but for the generosity of the EA and its thinking. I really felt so grateful and terribly humble.

Were we supposed to be impressed or amused by this? Or may be both.

Please post further examples of the EA's profound understanding of the real world.